burnley heritage sites

There are lots of sites around Burnley that have been designated as a 'Burnley Heritage Site'.

I have currently identified 12 of these around Burnley and they are:

Old Market (near St Peter's Church)
Town Hall
Burnley College
Old Grammar School (School Lane)
Scott Park Road (Sir Ian McKellen)
Albion Terrace
Charter Walk
St Peter's School
St Mary's Church
Mechanics Institute
Swan Inn (Old Jail)
Burnley Library
? (Kwik Fit)
Albion Street (Lee Thistlethwaite)

I am currently working on a page for each of these sites with appropriate images where appropriate.

If you know of any Burnley Heritage Sites that I have missed, please let me know by clicking here and I will add it to the list.

Enjoy imageBurnley!