about imageBurnley

What's it all about? I can hear you asking, well it started of as a pictorial view of my personal collection of all things connected with Burnley, but mainly Enamel Pin Badges linked to Burnley Football Club, and Postcards of the Borough of Burnley. The inital motivation was to allow me to access my collections at anytime in a structured way (and to prevent me buying duplicates from on-line auctions).

I have been collecting Burnley FC badges since I started going to Turf Moor with my dad in the late 1960's, and I have over 500 in my collection to date, and I am always on the lookout for any I dont already have.

Postcards is a more recent addition as I picked up a collection (approx 150 cards) when my father died in 1998, and I have been adding to my collection ever since. The majority of the postcards are 'Real Photo' topographical postcards, and mainy pre-war.

There are also other collectibles and images on this site, all with a link to Burnley in some way. These include some memorabilia/collectibles from the now defunct Burnley Building Society and some images relating to the first company I worked for, Burnley Engineering Products (formerly Burnley Aircraft Products).

In time I am hoping to add some of the photographs I have taken of the Burnley area that link the items on this site in some way, including some interesting and taxing quizzes to tax your brain!

I have tried to describe all the items accurately, and I would welcome any comments you may have, including areas I could improve this site.

Enjoy imageBurnley!